2012 COLOR RUN CHICAGO! My first 5k of MANY!

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October 16, 2012 by ibelieveinyoutoo

Sunday morning, I checked something very special off of my bucket list – The Color Run!!!!

It was so exciting; I loved every second of it! I ran it with my new friend, Vincent. I think we’ll become great friends. He has a beautiful mind and a wonderful outlook on life. He’s exactly the kind of friend I want to surround myself with – someone who sees life exactly as I do. It’s such a precious, beautiful thing that we need to treasure!!

After the run, we went to Yolk on S. Michigan Ave (such an amazing breakfast place) for lunch! I literally LOVE breakfast food; I think I’ve said that before. I got the California Omelette made with egg whites (no sour cream) with fresh fruit on the side! And, of course, a good ‘ole cup ‘o joe!!






The first picture is of me with my pre-5k breakfast, too! It was Plain Ezekiel Cereal (1/3 cup, I believe) with 1/4cup vanilla almond milk, 7 drops vanilla stevia drops, 1/2 banana chopped, and fresh blueberries! It was sooo good! I’ll be having it again.


I already signed up for another 5k on Nov. 18! I’ll be running the Hoofin’ 4 Hardy 5k in Palatine! It’s for my friend’s brother who passed away over 4 years ago! Look into it, and run it with me!!!

Love love love you all!



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