Obsessed with Greek Yogurt:

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October 8, 2012 by ibelieveinyoutoo

Well, well, well! I’m going to update you on a few days ago until now as far as my food and stuff goes.

love to cook in my apartment all by myself, but it just takes so much darn time! Okay, it really doesn’t take that long, but I’d rather throw some greek yogurt, chopped fruit, nuts, and maybe some protein powder in a bowl and call it a day! It’s so delicious; you gotta give me credit for that!

After these few posts updating you on my meals, I’ll be posting my meals daily for you guys! I think I have some great combos that are healthy and totally delicious!

I have posted my meals on my tumblr for a while and also on my intagram (saraherose3). So if you want to get all up-to-date even more, but go check those out! 🙂

Here are some great combos of my greek yogurt thus far:


This was my very first time trying out PB2!! Here we have Strawberry Chobani with half of a banana chopped up, half of a small peach chopped up, 1TB of PB2, and a little Go Raw Trailmix from Trader Joe’s! Mmm!


This was Peach Chobani with half of a pear chopped up, half of a banana chopped up, 1/2T ground flaxseed, and 1TB of PB2. Great, nutty combo!


This was Blueberry Chobani with half of a pear chopped, half of a banana chopped, some peanuts, and 1TB Chocolate PB2! THIS was amazing.

This is one of my FAVORITE combos!!! This is Peach Chobani with about 1/4-1/3 scoops of Isopure Protein Powder in Dutch Chocolate, half of a nectarine chopped up, half of a pear chopped up, and some Monkey Business Trek Mix from Trader Joe’s! (Adding chocolate protein powder to greek yogurt makes it taste like chocolate-covered fruit! I totally recommend doing it!!!)
Okay, the rest just gets repetitive. I just add all of this stuff at random. (I also add Kirkland Fruit & Nut Trailmix – from Costco, fresh blueberries, fresh blackberries, fresh raspberries, any other fruit, nuts, etc.)

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